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Chagrin Falls Addition

Remodel More Than 3,500 SF

TEA2 Architects

Dan Nepp, AIA, CID, and Chris Strom, AIA

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Dan Nepp, AIA, CID, and Chris Strom, AIA

The Team: Dan Nepp, AIA, and Chris Strom, AIA

Saved from demolition
This 1877 Victorian farmhouse was structurally unsound and in danger of being demolished. While greatly expanding the footprint to accommodate contemporary living spaces, it was also important to maintain the homeowner’s traditional concept of “home.”

Historical Proportions
Victorian Houses are generally very narrow, and it was important that the house fit into the neighborhood context, even though the house would be tripled in size. The solution involved aligning most of the new spaces in a linear progression behind the old facade, stretched toward the back of the property.

Material Richness
The exception to this linear plan is the new brick garage that is screened from the street by a tree-lined courtyard. A brick "blacksmith-shop” aesthetic was chosen as a counterpoint to the wood siding, reducing the larger scale of house. A reclaimed timber armature holds aloft a single exterior light that illuminates the paved pathway to the back parking area.

Natural Light
The linear arrangement of rooms also allowed for light from two directions into the main living spaces. A "gallery" space stretched between the courtyard and living room floods the interior with light through full-height glass and transom windows. The inside corner of the landscaped courtyard faces due south and gathers light deep into the kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen in a Traditional Skin
It was important that the kitchen, as the center of activity, provide many places to gather during the preparation of a meal. A long window seat overlooking the back yard creates opportunities for informal conversation across the dining table and parallel to the kitchen island. An informal brick-walled "hearth room" adjacent to the kitchen offers space for soft chairs and is warmed by a wood stove. A walk-in pantry is screened from view by a built-in coffee bar.
TEA2 Architects
2724 West 43rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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